My name is G.R.Sivakumar (GillaGowder Raman Sivakumar) and I have been a school teacher in schools all over India (East, West and South) for over two decades. I have also been in Administrative and Leadership positions in Schools for many of these years, being the Founding Principal of Delhi Public School Surat, Gujarat in India. Currently I am the Director of Nalanda Education Society that runs Delhi Public School Surat and Delhi Public School Tapi and am also an Educational Consultant helping Students, Teachers, Parents and School Boards achieve the best in School Education.  (If you want to know more about me click here…). This blog is my space to share my thoughts as well as interests on the many facets of life. I intend to share my hobbies and interests (which are wide-ranging) and mainly my thoughts on issues that confront us on a day-to-day basis. One of these areas is Education which is my domain of expertise. These issues are not just issues related to India but to every Human being.  Other than sharing my opinions and interests I also claim my right to occasionally grumble about the issues I am unable to do anything about. However, this is not intended as a site for your personal grumbling or complaints about the institutions that I am associated with viz., Delhi Public School Surat and Delhi Public School Tapi or about issues that you may have with these Schools. (For anything related to DPS Surat or DPS Tapi please approach the school through the proper channel). This blog is also meant to be a forum for discussion of ideas for India moving forward and in time I hope these ideas will help all of us, learners, teachers, parents, men, women, young, old ….  I welcome people from all walks of life from all nationalities to join me and hope this blog will grow with time.

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this blog are purely my personal opinions. They do not reflect the views of any professional/other organisations that I am associated with in my work. None of the organisations that I am associated with in my profession are responsible or liable for my opinions or the factual accuracy of the contents of this website.

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