Periodic Success: The Hidden Beauty of the Periodic Table

Join a guided tour of science’s most iconic image with chemical physicist and material scientist Jamie Gallagher, geek songstress Helen Arney and nanoscientist Suze Kundu. The periodic table is an emblem of science. Explosions, poisonings, space exploration and novelty Victoria parlour games are all contained within the chemist’s favourite poster. Discover the stories and wonder behind the elements in this family-friendly talk.

Jamie Gallagher is a science communicator and part-time comic, touring the country with his own science shows while also working as the public engagement officer at the University of Glasgow.
He appears on BBC radio, has performed for Bright Club and speaks at various science festivals and comedy shows around the UK. Helen Arney is a self-professed geek songstress, who writes maths and science-inspired comedy songs and performs across the UK. Suze Kundu is a materials nanochemist, Teaching Fellow at Imperial College London, and science presenter.

This event was filmed at the Royal Institution on 19 February 2015.

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