Craig Venter in Conversation with Richard Dawkins

Craig should be an inspiration to students who want to revolutionise and fast forward science. Certainly I am an admirer of Craig for various reasons especially his boldness and confidence in himself and his team to go ahead with a project of such enormous proportion and importance.

Richard Dawkins interviews Craig Venter for “The Genius of Charles Darwin”, the Channel 4 UK TV program which won British Broadcasting Awards’ “Best Documentary Series” of 2008. Craig Venter founded The Institute for Genomic Research and has been credited with being instrumental in mapping the human genome. His team published the first complete genome of an individual human – Venter’s own DNA sequence. This footage was shot with the intention of editing for a television program. What you see here is the full extended interview, which includes a lot of rough camera transitions that were edited out of the final program (along with a lot of content).

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