Menuhin Competition Geneva 2018 Documentary

The Menuhin Competition is the world’s leading international competition for young violinists, held every two years in a different world city, most recently in Geneva from 12-22 April 2018. Prior to the Menuhin Competition Geneva 2018, the Competition was held in London in 2016 to celebrate the Menuhin centenary, Austin, Texas in 2014, Beijing in 2012 and Oslo in 2010. It attracts hundreds of entries from all corners of the globe, choosing only 44 of the world’s very best young violinists to participate. The Competition discovers, encourages and nurtures these exceptionally talented young musicians to develop into the next generation of great artists.

My wish is, some time in the future we will have the young violinists from our school participate in this competition.

Elton John Carpool Karaoke with James Cordon

I think these Carpool Karaokes are brilliant and they are a very creative idea of the talented James Cordon. One of the best Carpool Karaoke of James Corden that I like amongst all of his is this one with Elton John. James Corden asks Elton John to help him navigate Los Angeles on a rainy day while the two sing some of his songs, including a Lion King classic and “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me.”
Not to mention that I like his Late Late Shows.

My Favourite Contemporary Pianist -Roy Todd

Roy Todd is my favourite contemporary Piano Composer. He makes heavenly music with the Piano.
Pure Piano instrumental music. This is a rare performance by Roy Todd. It’s his new album ‘Seasons’
00:21 – Rain
05:24 – A Passing Time
08:54 – Seasons
16:47 – Sunrise
21:15 – For the Love of Spring
26:35 – Bluebells’s Ballad
31:32 – Summer’s Day
37:26 – To Love and to Cherish
42:09 – Autumn’s Embrace
47:10 – A Time to Remember
51:46 – Winter Requiem
Roy Todd was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. His original piano instrumental music has an appeal that transcends age and culture and is described as evocative, reflective, ambient & deeply emotional. Roy Todd is the composer of music such as ‘Child of the Troubles’, ‘The Wedding Bride’s Piano’ and ‘Twilight’ – and some of his original piano instrumentals have featured on TV & film. To date, he has released 12 albums – all of which are available at

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