The Fastest Evolving Regions of the Human Genome : Katherine Pollard

Identifying the specific mutations that make us humans is one of the greatest challenges of biology. Join Gladstone Institutes’ senior researcher Katherine Pollard in exploring the new techniques being used to discover the functions of the fastest evolving regions of the human genome and how individual DNA mutations altered these functions to make us human.

This Leakey Foundation Annual Speaker Series on Human Origins lecture took place at the Houston Museum of Natural Science on November 11, 2015.

Genome: Unlocking Life’s Code

Dr. Eric Green, the director of the National Human Genome Research Institute offers an update on the human genome and medical genomics; Dr. Gary Firestein, director of UC San Diego’s Clinical and Translational Research Institute explains how we are more than our genes; and Dr. Razelle Kurzrock, the director of the Center for Personalized Cancer Therapy at the Moores Cancer Center looks ahead to the future of genomics and cancer medicine. This program is presented by the Center for Ethics in Science and Technology in San Diego.
Lecture starts at 8:40.


How to read the genome and build a human being : Riccardo Sabatini

Secrets, disease and beauty are all written in the human genome, the complete set of genetic instructions needed to build a human being. Now, as scientist and entrepreneur Riccardo Sabatini shows us, we have the power to read this complex code, predicting things like height, eye color, age and even facial structure — all from a vial of blood. And soon, Sabatini says, our new understanding of the genome will allow us to personalize treatments for diseases like cancer. We have the power to change life as we know it. How will we use it?


Craig Venter in Conversation with Richard Dawkins

Craig should be an inspiration to students who want to revolutionise and fast forward science. Certainly I am an admirer of Craig for various reasons especially his boldness and confidence in himself and his team to go ahead with a project of such enormous proportion and importance.

Richard Dawkins interviews Craig Venter for “The Genius of Charles Darwin”, the Channel 4 UK TV program which won British Broadcasting Awards’ “Best Documentary Series” of 2008. Craig Venter founded The Institute for Genomic Research and has been credited with being instrumental in mapping the human genome. His team published the first complete genome of an individual human – Venter’s own DNA sequence. This footage was shot with the intention of editing for a television program. What you see here is the full extended interview, which includes a lot of rough camera transitions that were edited out of the final program (along with a lot of content).

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