Professor Noam Chomsky looking back over his life and work

Melvyn Bragg hosts the first of the British Academy’s Global Perspectives series of events – Professor Noam Chomsky looking back over his life and work. Professor Noam Chomsky’s work over the past 60 years has profoundly changed the way we think about language. In this event he talks about his reflections on a lifetime of linguistics research and as one of the leading thinkers of our time. The event was held at The Royal Society in London on November 26 2014.

About the speaker: Noam Chomsky, linguist, philosopher and political activist, is Emeritus Professor of Linguistics and Philosophy at MIT. He was elected to the Fellowship of the British Academy in 1974.

“Pedagogy of the Oppressed” – Noam Chomsky, Howard Gardner…

Pedagogy of the Oppressed: Noam Chomsky, Howard Gardner, and Bruno della Chiesa – Askwith Forum.
Discussion about Paolo Freire’s “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” and the book’s impact and relevance to education today.

Chomsky & Krauss: An Origins Project Dialogue

One of my heroes Noam Chomsky is in conversation with astrophysicist Lawrence Krauss. I have been fascinated by Chomsky’s knowledge of so many different subjects and the clarity with which he speaks on all the topics and explains everything so beautifully even though he is quite old (over 86 years). He is an inspiration to me. I think that I am really lucky to live at a time when the internet has made it possible to see and listen to such a genius. The internet’s enabled me to access the best lectures and events from academic institutions throughout the world although in reality I may not have the means to witness these kind of events.

Join intellectual giant Noam Chomsky and noted physicist and public intellectual Lawrence Krauss for an intimate evening of conversation at the Origins Project Dialogue. Science, Mind, and Politics is a candid and unscripted conversation on contemporary issues on the nature of humanity, the power of science and the mind, and global social justice.

Chomsky & Krauss: An Origins Project Dialogue – (Part 2/2) – Q & A

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