Chomsky & Krauss: An Origins Project Dialogue

One of my heroes Noam Chomsky is in conversation with astrophysicist Lawrence Krauss. I have been fascinated by Chomsky’s knowledge of so many different subjects and the clarity with which he speaks on all the topics and explains everything so beautifully even though he is quite old (over 86 years). He is an inspiration to me. I think that I am really lucky to live at a time when the internet has made it possible to see and listen to such a genius. The internet’s enabled me to access the best lectures and events from academic institutions throughout the world although in reality I may not have the means to witness these kind of events.

Join intellectual giant Noam Chomsky and noted physicist and public intellectual Lawrence Krauss for an intimate evening of conversation at the Origins Project Dialogue. Science, Mind, and Politics is a candid and unscripted conversation on contemporary issues on the nature of humanity, the power of science and the mind, and global social justice.

Chomsky & Krauss: An Origins Project Dialogue – (Part 2/2) – Q & A

The Origins of the Future: From Medicine and Synthetic Biology to Machine Intelligence-Part-1

This discussion is part of ‘The Great Debate’ moderated by Lawrence Krauss of the Origins Project of Arizona State University. I am fascinated by some of the areas discussed here and will continue posting some of the lectures this week by scientists that I admire such as Craig Venter and Richard Dawkins.

The Origins of the Future: From Medicine and Synthetic Biology to Machine Intelligence, features Richard Dawkins, Craig Venter, Kim Staney Robinson, Esther Dyson, Eric Horvitz, George Poste and Randolph Nesse discussing the origins of the future, followed by Q&A (coming up in part 2 which I’ll post tomorrow).

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